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Having a cellular phone during your stay in Belgium can save you time and money. Whether it is for business or pleasure, WCR can provide you with local based cellular numbers that will allow people to call you from the country you are visiting without paying any international calling fees.
29.95 per week
( $8 per extra week )
Local calls .77¢ min.
Incoming calls Free
Calling to USA and CANADA +
.99¢ min.
*Delivery By Fedex
(signature required)
2 Business Days
Overnight Delivery
*When shipping phones back to us, please use standard 2-3 day delivery (not express). You may use the carrier of your choice. You will not be billed late fees in the event of a delay caused by delivery.
We will provide you with a local number in

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How To Use Your International Cell Phone Rental in Belgium

Belgium is rich in art and culture. Its history books read like an encyclopedia of famous names: Van Eyck, Brueghel, Rubens, van Dyck, Magritte and Delvaux. Every town has its galleries and museums, its share of medieval splendour and 20th century architecture Festivals and folklore abound. The people are open and friendly, the food and drink a gourmet's delight. READ MORE...


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